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19-07-2013, 23:12


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Internet Advertising and Cookies

    Unlike advertising on the TV, the internet provides a wonderful opportunity to tailor advertising to the individual with its ability to provide interaction. This should mean that only adverts relevant to you should appear but the reality is still somewhat different in my opinion. For instance when I book a hotel for a short break, I then start to see hotel special offers in the adverts while generally browsing the web. The fact is I have already booked, so I am unlikely to want to book another hotel for the same period in the same town. More likely I would have thought, would be adverts for extra services such as travel insurance, car hire in the area I am visiting, restaurant recommendations etc. Similarly when I buy a product such as the rechargeable sweeper I recently purchased from Amazon, I really donít need to see a whole range of other sweepers for the next several weeks when I have made my purchase. Surely it would be better to show me carpet adverts, or other domestic electronic devices.

    What Are Cookies?

    Advertisers use mostly cookies to detect our surfing habits. Cookies are small text files which are dropped onto our computers when we surf the net giving little bits of information about where we have surfed, what we have searched for and more. My own website, does not use cookies to track usage of any kind.

    Are Cookies Bad? How Can I Turn Them Off?

    There is a lot of negative press about privacy concerns but are people really so naive that they do not realise every move we make nowadays is monitored in some way, with close circuit television cameras everywhere and our mobile phones giving our virtual GPS position wherever we are in the world. Not to mention things like Facebook, which encourage us to show where we are at any one time, through our mobile devices. The fact is, if you want to be more private in your web browsing then you can simply delete and/or disable cookies in your web browser in the settings or options section or you can visit for more information.

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